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My Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

I have documented the delivery and installation of our new Goalsetter All American basketball goal, at the request of

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

From Order to Delivery - Goalsetter

We ordered the basketball goal on a Monday, and it arrived four days later on a Friday. Old Dominion Freight contacted me that Wednesday to schedule a delivery appointment based on my availability.

This first picture is of the freight truck which made the delivery. They provided a 4 hour delivery window, however they showed up in the first hour, as opposed to many other freight carriers who arrive in the last 10 minutes of the 4 hour window.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Inspecting the Boxes

The truck driver was extremely kind and helpful during the delivery. We made sure to open each individual box to confirm that the goal was not damaged in any way.

As you can see, the freight palette was a bit awkward, so we pulled the boxes off of the back of the truck one by one. Everything was very well packaged and there was no damage to report.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Setting the Anchor

We dug a hole in the ground per the specifications listed in Goalsetter's installation manual. Since we were pouring a whole new sport court, we decided to set the anchor in concrete at the same time as the court was being poured.

The anchor was very easy to set in place, and we regularly checked to make sure the anchor was level while the concrete was setting and drying. We waited 2 days for the concrete to cure before assembling the rest of the system.

As you can see in the images, we set the anchor about 2 inches above the playing surface. Goalsetter recommends 1-3 inches, so we went right in the middle, and it worked out great.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Connecting the Basketball Pole

The assembly of the goal was even easier than setting the anchor. Two adults can easily assemble a Goalsetter system in less than 30 minutes, once the anchor is done.

First step was to remove the pole from it's box, and attach it to the anchor with the metal pin screw (pictured in the front of the anchor).

The pole is also held in place with a large metal clamp at the back of the anchor. This allows the pole to be fixed in place at a convenient angle, to facilitate the remainder of the installation. The protective plastic can be easily removed once the clamp is in place, and there is no danger of the pole falling to the ground.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Connecting the Extension Arms

The next step was to remove the extension arms from their box, and attach them to the pole. Only 1 bolt was necessary for each set of extension arms, therefore 2 total bolts and the extension arms were done.

The bolts are fairly large, therefore you definitely want to have tools that can fit 15/16 of an inch. This part took less than 5 minutes, and that includes looking for the right tools.

I really couldn't believe how intuitive and user friendly this system was to install. You can clearly see that Goalsetter has spent a great deal of time and focus on the installation experience. This is something that most companies would dismiss as being important to consider.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Connecting the Backboard

Now comes the backboard. The easiest thing to do is to place the backboard box (with the backboard still in it) directly underneath the extension arms as pictured. You really start to appreciate that metal clamp located in the back of the anchor at this stage.

With 1 other person lifting the backboard, you will need to insert the 4 bolts to attach the backboard to the extension arms. This part took less than 5 minutes as well. So far, so very good!

We also removed the protective plastic from the backboard after fixing it in place.

Goalsetter Delivery and Installation

Connecting the Rim

Last but not least... The installation of the rim and fixing the pole upright. The rim involved 4 easy screws and a cover plate to hide the screws. Total time installing the rim was less than 5 minutes (I am being generous, it was probably around 2 minutes).

Finally, with the help of a 2nd person, we walked the pole upright, and screwed the 5 bolts into the anchor to lock the pole in place. I also removed the original metal pin screw in the front of the anchor (although it's still pictured). The metal clamp easily fell off as we were walking the pole upright. I kept the metal clamp just in case we needed to lower the goal or do any work on it. I figured I would pass on that tip!

Hope that helps new customers understand how it all works. This really was an unbelievably easy and fun experience, and we pretty much did it all ourselves.

Jim M.
Irvine, California

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