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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Goalsetter System over another basketball goal?

All parts of a Goalsetter, including those you never see, are designed to enhance the performance and durability of your basketball goal. Goalsetter’s exclusive features, including the Patented Compression Height Adjustment Systems, One-Piece Off-Set Structural Steel Poles and Patented Hinged Ground Anchors, come together to form a premium quality basketball goal to be enjoyed for years to come. What sets a Goalsetter Basketball System apart? Everything!

What makes the goals different?

Differences between the goals are in the poles (both size and design), the backboards (both size and material), the height adjustability and the warranties.

How are Goalsetter Systems anchored?

Many basketball goals use a pole-in-the-ground method or "J" bolts assembly. Goalsetter Systems are anchored using our patented ground anchor hinge system. The ground anchor is first placed in a deep hole and secured using Quick Crete. Once dry, the hinge system allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter goal before it is raised upright and bolted to the ground anchor.

Which type of backboard should I order?

Residential users typically opt for glass backboards, which have a better ball response. Acrylic backboards are recommended for school or park use.

What type of rim do I need?

All of our rims are made to dunk on, as they are mounted to a steel plate and not to the actual backboard.

  • The Heavy Duty Reflex rim is the most popular choice of our residential customers. This break-away style rim will flex at 135 lbs. of stress and is more than sufficient for most residential play.
  • The Collegiate Breakaway rim is a competition-grade break-away rim. It will flex at 150-180 lbs. of force and meets NCAA specifications for competitive play.

Should I order pole and backboard edge padding?

We do recommend padding as contact is likely with height-adjustable basketball systems. If the game gets intense padding will provide protection.

How does the Basketball Court Stencil kit work?

The kit allows you to easily create regulation basketball court markings (a free-throw line, lane markings and a 3-point line) on your playing surface without using complicated measuring and/or guesswork. The Basketball Court Stencil kit includes six marked pattern sheets, a paint roller and complete instructions. All you will need is 1 quart of paint (we recommend using a light color paint on asphalt or a dark color paint on concrete), a paint pan, 2" masking tape, 10’ of string and either a nail or pen.

How will my Goalsetter System ship?

Due to the weight and carton shapes, all basketball systems are shipped via a freight trucking company. This does mean that expedited shipping is not available. Once your order has shipped, you will be sent an e-mail containing detailed tracking information.The freight company will contact you by phone to schedule a date and time window for delivery. Please note that the freight delivery company is not responsible for unloading your purchase. We recommend that you plan for someone to assist you in carrying your item.

What should I do when I receive my goal?

Customers are required to thoroughly inspect all packages and boxes. Failure to do so will bar the customer from recovery for undiscovered damages. As per the policies and regulations of the freight companies, shipping liability is transferred to the customer once goods are delivered and sign for. Please do not automatically assume that the contents of your packages are undamaged, simply because the boxes appear intact. Even if the truck driver is impatient or rushed, please keep in mind that this transfer of liability is taking place, making the customer ultimately responsible for undiscovered damages.

I’m not sure if I need to hire a professional. How would I install the goal myself?

The Installation and Assembly of the Goalsetter goal can be accomplished by two or three people without the use of ladders or scaffold. The patented ground anchor hinge system allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter goal before it is raised upright. First, a four-foot deep hole (18 inch diameter) must be dug where you would like your basketball goal located. After placing your ground anchor into the hole, fill it with 10-12 bags of QuickCrete cement. Once the cement is completely dry (approximately 2 days), the pole structure, backboard and rim can be assembled and raised upright.

What are the warranties?

  • All poles (excludes paints): Lifetime
  • Acrylic Backboard: Lifetime
  • Polycarbonate Backboard: Lifetime
  • Glass Backboard: Lifetime
  • Hand Cranks (internal): Lifetime
  • Hand Cranks (external): Lifetime
  • Rims (standard, flex): 2 years
  • Rims: 5 years
Please see our Warranty section for complete warranty information.

I’m moving. Can I take my Goalsetter System with me?

Absolutely! When you move, you simply take the system off of the existing ground anchor. You will only need to purchase a new anchor for installation at your new home.

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